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Had an idea for a new offer? Great! But will it sell...


How are you doing?

Yeah, I get it. You’re doing ok. Chugging along. Generally doing all the things people have told you to do to get your mitts on that elusive ‘successful business’ you never seem to reach.

You might be thinking ‘Shouldn’t things be easier by now??’

When people get on a call with you they ‘get it’. But that’s not practical, is it. You can’t speak to everyone.

Why hasn’t it all clicked into place yet?

Welcome to the land of sizzling hot offers.

Here your services are transformed into must-have packages of obvious value. Mmm…Smell that sizzle.

Let’s get to work on your next steps to world domination so you can attract only your favourite type of clients who are keen as mustard to work with you – and get some flexibility back into your life.

Are you ready? Which of these sounds most like you right now?

I’m booked up with client work but my bank balance doesn’t match up. Help me make more money in less time.

Ditch the time-consuming proposals, stressful price-negotiations (with yourself…) and soul-destroying scope creep. Let’s create Your Sizzling Hot Offer.

My audience is ripe for a new offer. Help me create a package to sell at £1,000+

Let’s get together for a burst of intense offer creation to define the key elements of your offer including who’s going to buy it, what should be included (and excluded) and how to price it based on its value. Plus how you’re going to sell it!

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I’ve got an engaged growing audience but my revenue still looks like a day out at Alton Towers.

You’ve built your personal brand and you’re ready to skyrocket your revenue. You want a set of offers that complement each other, and are a beautiful match for the audience you’ve so lovingly developed.Work with me 121 and prepare for world domination.
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All of that talk of audience building and offer creation sound a bit foreign and overwhelming?

Perhaps you sit behind door number 4:

I sell C-suite coaching and training or consulting to corporates. Help me cut out the agency in the middle.

It’s lovely having a steady stream of lucrative referred work, but the chunky percentage that the agencies take gets a bit annoying after a while! Let’s work together to get you your own clients and reduce your reliance on third-parties, so you can control who you work with, when, where and (most importantly) how much you earn.
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Hellooo, I'm Janine

I’ve been helping service-based business owners with their service-offers for over five years now. But did you know I used to be a corporate suit? Ok, I didn’t wear actual suits, my last role was in EE and it was pretty casual. My role was Senior Propositions Manager a.k.a. service offers. You see, it’s relevant! 😄

Over the years I have honed my skill in helping business owners create offers their audience actually wants to buy.

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Position yourself as a must-have with service offers that your audience WANTS

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