With over 15 years of experience and having worked in all different areas of customer marketing, I can help you keep your customers and improve their lifetime value for your business.

Customer Marketing encompasses;

Customer communications

e.g. welcome emails, end of contract resign, newsletters etc. If you are not thinking strategically about how you communicate with you customers, you are missing out on a massive opportunity to maximise profits.

Reactive retention

When customers call up to cancel their service, should you offer them a deal to stay? If so, how rich should that offer be?

Proactive retention

This involves identifying which customers need attention to reduce their likelihood to cancel/ defect to a competitor. One way to do this is to preempt technical issues or changes in your customers’ service requirements then talk to them using established channels (email, phone, social media etc.)

Cross sell and upsell

Offering appropriate additional services, products and upgrades to current customers is an absolute no-brainer. Once a customer is with you, they’re more likely to buy from you again (if you’ve nailed the service).

Is clever marketing the best way to get customers to remain loyal and to recommend your products or services?


Making sure your service delivery and customer support is top notch is the first box to tick on that front. But once this is addressed, customer marketing is the path to making the most of the money and time you spent to get the customer through the door in the first place.

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