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Any of this ring a bell?

If ’yes’, you are definitely in the right place – so take a pew and let’s have a chat.

Hi! I'm Janine Coombes

...and I’m delighted you’ve found me!

Did you set up your business with daydreams of ultimate freedom? 

Sipping lattes in cafes while brainstorming. Taking the odd day off here and there. Only taking on work that lights you up and feeling more fulfilled than ever. 

But in reality the stakes feel much higher when you’re your own boss, don’t they.

Do you find yourself more chained to your desk more than ever? And tying yourself in knots trying to work out how to get people to see you as the talented, hard working person you are?

Sound familiar?

Yep. I’ve been there.

When I first set up my business it took me ages to find my own path through the noise and nonsense. 

How do you call to the right people who’ll value what you do and how do you engineer it to earn a decent amount without running yourself into the ground? 

Gradually I realised that I didn’t have to find some unicorn niche or conform to other people’s prescriptive business models or practices. There was a way to gear my business around me. My family. My life.

Start with the work you love. Look back at your favourite clients. And create offers that satisfy both.

Why Me?

I’m going to come right out and say it; nobody is as good as I am at helping people with their service offers.

Some clients need help standing out in their field and articulating their difference. Others want to package their expertise in a way that makes it obvious why their ideal clients would want it. No matter the price point. 

My way into it is always through their offers. What are you putting out in the world? How do people know you’re what they need?  That’s the work I love the most. 

I also have a business degree, a post-grad diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and 15 yrs + working with brands such as EE, Orange and Europcar on proposition development (AKA offers).

Some say they got nothing from their qualifications or corporate career. Personally, it’s given me so much insight! I know how the big boys do it so I can see which bits us smaller bods can leave out and which bits we need to keep in.

Look out, it's fun fact time!

Fun Fact #1

I’m mum to two frustratingly blonde and blue-eyed offspring and wife to someone who is exactly the same height as me (5’2”). Yes, we live in Hobbiton.

I believe it’s crucial to use your business to allow you to do what you love in life. Otherwise, what’s the point of it all?

Fun Fact #2

I am a huge comedy fan and dabble with comedy writing and performance.

The principles around comedy haven’t changed since forever, and it’s the same with sales and marketing.

The fundamentals are simpler than they appear.  Get them right and everything else falls into place.

Fun Fact #3

I adore singing and was in a choir until the pandemic. I even used to have my own covers band. 

My kids just LOVE to hear me belt out Kate Bush along with the radio when quite frankly it’s out of my range. But it’s Kate, right?? Gotta be done.

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