1 Hour Untangling Call.

Are you mulling over a tricky business decision? Wondering if you're heading in the right direction or straight off a cliff?

STOP. Let's collaborate and I'll listen. ​

If you're a coach-shaped-person and you're:

You're in the right place!

Before the Untangling call I’ll ask you some questions and do some detective work. Then we’ll have a one hour Zoom call, to really dig into whatever sticky situation you need to unravel.

You’ll leave the call feeling confident, calm and the confusion will have lifted.

Testimonial from Fay Walls- a previous untangling call client
Lyndsay Cambridge saying that Janine Coombes is the marketing equivalent of doing a rubik's cube in 6 seconds
Screengrab of a testimonial left on LinkedIn from Sue Edwards Lawyer- a previous untangling call client.
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Let's knock that irksome conundrum on the head. Leave the call feeling confident and certain of what you'll do next.

The Untangling Call is for you if:

The Untangling Call isn't for you if:

How does it work?

I want to make sure we make the most out of our time together so:

Step 1: Sign up and pay using this link.

Step 2: Fill out the questions on screen in the booking app. 

Step 3: Pick a day and time that suits you in my calendar- this will trigger an email to confirm all details including the Zoom link that we’ll be using on the day.

Step 4: You’ll get a reminder of our call the day before along with the Zoom link.

Step 5: I’ll read through your answers, have a look at all the links you’ve sent me and get a sense of where you’re at and what I need to ask you to move you forwards and get you untangled!

Step 6: Turn up on time and we’ll get cracking. We can record the call if you want, so you don’t feel like you have to scribble notes.

Step 7: Clarity heaven!

My Untangling clients always look so relieved and happy by the end of the call! Like a weight’s been taken off their shoulders. If you want to feel like that then go ahead and book a call with me today.

Only £295!

More About Me

I have a business degree and a post graduate diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Most of my 20 year career was spent working for big brands like EE, Orange and Europcar.

I loved the hustle and bustle of those big marketing departments but I find it so much more rewarding working with small businesses. Showing you how best-practice marketing principles can apply to you, no matter what size your business is.

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I haven't been running my business for 2 years yet, can I still book a call?

I get better results with people who are more established. When you’re earlier on in your business, you’re in trial phase. I’d hate for you to spend your money, make a decision, only to go back on that decision a couple of months later. This is much more likely to happen if you haven’t been running your business very long. Better to speak to someone who specialises in your stage of business.

I've been running my business 10+ years, can you still help me?

In a word, yes. I have oodles of experience working with huge multinationals. I can handle yours. ; )

Why isn't this £99 like everyone else's power hour?

This isn’t a power hour. It’s an hour of business and marketing consultancy. This includes preparation on my part. A true ‘power hour’ is a device to stop people from picking your brains for free. It doesn’t usually come with any prep. And besides, I do my best work when I’m paid more.  : ) Oh and, if we end up working with each other in The Freedom Giver or World Domination, I’ll even deduct the cost of this call from that. 

Do I need to do any prep before the call?

Nope! Other than fill out the questions in the booking app in as much detail as you can. One of my recent Untangling clients wrote me a 1,500 word email; it was very useful! But don’t feel you have to do this. All I need for us to make the most of our call is to know what issue(s) you want to get clarity on. 

Can you record the call and send it to me?

Yes, of course. I’ll transcribe the call using Otter.ai and give you access at the end of the call. If you want a screen recording we can do that too.

Can I speak to you first before booking the Untangling call?

A discovery call for a one hour call? Nope. If you’re not already convinced that I’m the person to help you, then you’re not ready to book this call. Check out all my fabulous blogs or get to know me on LinkedIn first.