Your Sizzling Hot Offer

Create your cornerstone package that’s

a breeze to sell and a joy to deliver.

What ever happened to your intention of running your own business so that you’d have a better work-life balance?

Position yourself as a complete no-brainer option in the eyes of your ideal clients and you can dust off that dream. Giving you more money and more freedom. And your lovely clients an easy win.

Are you finding sales a bit of a slog?

You’re doing everything everybody tells you to do and yet your bank balance still looks like a rollercoaster. And you’re working all hours. 😔

When you do make a sale you bust out your happy dance! And then swiftly remember all those time-consuming added extras you put into the package… 😱

“Why didn’t I charge more!?” 😖

You’re fed up of being stuck in limbo… Doing all the ‘right’ things but not getting rewarded enough for your hard work.

You’ve paid for programmes and courses and possibly yet another qualification.

You’re creating content (albeit sporadically).

You’ve put together an offer or two that you know will help people (why can’t they see that?)

You might even have followed a launch system to get it out into the world…

But you’re no further forward.

You’ve been running your business for years now. When is it ruddy-well going to get easier?!

Let’s make working with you a must-have not just a nice-to-have. Apply today.

“My business was floundering. I had too many clients, I was working all hours, and I wasn’t making enough money. With Janine’s help, I’ve transformed my pricing model and have developed a surefire way to price my future projects. She’s probably saved my business and I can’t thank her enough.” Jenny Lucas, Copywriter and Content Strategist

Imagine it’s 3 months from now and you have a service package your dream clients look at and say ‘I gotta have it!’

It would mean:

  • Your sales calls are convincing-free;

    likely clients already know that they want what you’ve got. They just want to check you’re as good as you look.

  • You’re confident with your price;

    even if it’s far higher than you've ever charged before.

  • You know the magic words to say

    on your sales page, social media posts and emails that make your client say, ‘I’m in.’

And you’re so proud of your new offer and what it can do for your clients that you want to shout about it from the rooftops!

#FearOfSales be gone.

You can stop imagining. We’re going to do this together over the next 3 months. Apply now 👇🏼

"Before we started working together, I was heading to burn out city... I had the germ of an idea but was struggling to make it a tangible product I could sell.

This incredible woman has worked magic with me. She's helped me unravel my tangled thoughts, supported me when things have got too much and called me out when my doubtful mind monkeys put rubbish in my mouth. We've also laughed a lot. I already have two fantastic new clients without actively selling anything yet."

Caroline Brown, Business Mentor

“Janine is an absolute joy to work with. She’s positive, decisive and full of amazing ideas. And she’s a whizz with a spreadsheet!”

It’s true! Things I get weirdly excited about include whipping out a spreadsheet and doing some back-of-the-vape-packet calculations to work out a pricing structure that works for YOU.

I also have a nose for a good offer. Seriously, I can sniff one out from a mile away. This is important because if the offer is wrong, it won’t sell. Like a heat-seeking missile, I can hone in on your talents, and then show you how to best deliver them to your audience – so you give them exactly what they want.

I’ve put in the hard yards and I’m highly skilled at what I do. I’ve got 15 years of corporate experience, including as Senior Propositions Manager at EE. ‘What’s a Senior Propositions Manager?’ I hear you ask. It was my job to put together offers for new EE customers as well as packages to stop existing customers from leaving.

Not to mention the last 4 years working with service-based business owners like you. You get all that experience focused on your business and what your clients want.

I also have a business degree, a postgraduate diploma in marketing, a wicked sense of humour, and I’m a hedgehog champion. 

You’re probably wondering, what does this programme look like?

Let me show you what you’re signing up for.

Craft a cornerstone service that attracts your dream clients and brings you long-term, sustainable revenue

Let’s get to the bottom of why people will buy what you’re selling and then I’ll show you how to craft compelling marketing messages to promote your offer.

Here’s what we’ll be working through:

Step 1: What you want

Let’s reconnect with your version of success and what you want your business to do for you, your life and your family.

Step 2: What your client wants

As you may know, people buy on emotion first. Let’s get clear on the emotional reasons why your customers will want get this thorny issue sorted NOW.

Step 3: What your client needs

Time for some mind-reading (don’t worry I’ll show you how); we need to work out the rational checklist that exists in the mind of your ideal client.

Step 4: What you’ll charge

By this point you’ll be amazed how different you feel about the sheer mountains of value you deliver people. Perfect timing for us to price up your new package!

And if that’s not enough to get your heart racing, I will also be using my marketing magnifying glass to look for opportunities to brandify your methods, making them tougher to copy and giving you money-making assets you could one day sell. 


I want to make sure you’re creating a business that sustains you and takes you towards your long-term vision of success.

We’ll be working through my own method of creating unique service packages that are brandable and difficult to copy. And that  represent outrageous value for your lovely clients.

What else you need to know

  • 121 laser session with me

    We’ll kick off with a one-to-one laser session with me. This is 45 minutes for us to zone in on the work you love doing the most and how you want your life to be.

  • Weekly group calls

    We’ll meet on Zoom once a week. These will be a mix of teaching and feedback so you can implement what you have learned and get feedback during the course. These sessions are 1 hour.

  • Maximum 8 participants

    I want to keep this round compact and bijou. Why? Find out below!

  • This is a BETA group programme

    I am 100% confident in the techniques and training content that I will be taking you through, having tested them and honed them throughout my career and my years of experience working one-to-one with service based business owners like you. Therefore, since this is the first time that I’ve run this in a group format, you’ll be getting never-to-be repeated levels of support from me during these 3 months. What does that mean? It means that I’m capping the participants at 8 people for this round only and I’ll be on the lookout for any extra resources I think would help you as a participant in this inaugural round. It’s also the cheapest that it’ll ever be. I’ll be putting the price up for the next round, so get in there now!

  • PLUS

    APPLY BEFORE 29th SEPTEMBER and get an extra 1 hour strategy session to be taken at any time during the programme.

This programme is for you if: 

This is not for you if: 

Find out what your clients REALLY want

At the end of this programme you’ll have an offer that you’ll be itching to sell.

I don’t need a crystal ball to know that. I know it because, not only will you have nailed the real reasons why your ideal clients will want your new spangly offer, but you’ll be so proud of it that you’ll want the hills to be alive with it!

“Hey everyone! Check out my new offer! It’s so amazing that you need it NOW NOW NOW!’ 

👆🏻 That’ll be you, that will.


Moreover, every new client you get will make your life better so you’ll never have to stop doing your happy dance. (Unless of course you need a well deserved sit down with a cuppa. You can count your cash while you’re at it.)

What will you do with your extra revenue? Invest in streamlining your business? Buy that car you’ve had your eye on? (Just me?)

Or simply learn to work LESS and enjoy life more. That’s why you set your business up in the first place isn’t it..?

Reminder: Once those 8 seats are filled, I am pulling up the drawbridge.

Get in-depth support with all aspects of putting together your lucrative (and sizzling hot) service offering.

Your chance to get clear on an offer that makes you a must-have, including knowing how much you will charge for it, and the words you will use to sell it.


When does it start? 

The first round starts on the 14th October. Gives us a bit of wriggle room after the summer hols!

What if I can’t make one or some of the sessions?

All sessions will be recorded so you can catch up at any time. Also, if you know you’re not going to be able to make one week, you’ll be able to send me your questions in advance and I’ll answer them.

Will the sessions be recorded?


Will there be a Facebook group to support our learning?

Do we really need another Facebook group to forget we’ve got and then never engage in and then feel guilty about? Nah.

What I’m going to do is to set up a messaging thread on LinkedIn to support each other and to submit any questions you have for our weekly call. Not on LinkedIn? Let me know when you apply and I’ll sort something out. 

Cor, £1,100 is a lot of money, will I make my money back?

First of all, £1,100 is a lot of money but I’m confident that you’ll earn it back (and more) because I know that by the end of the programme, you too will be charging at least that sum for your services.

So whether you make your money back is down to you. Cliched but true. You’ve got to put the work in. Follow the steps. Give it your all and you WILL create a high ticket offer that your audience wants to buy. And yes, it could very well sell for a lot more than the price of this course. 

“She’s probably saved my business and I can’t thank her enough.”


“My business was floundering. I had too many clients, I was working all hours, and I wasn’t making enough money.

With Janine’s help, I’ve transformed my pricing model and have developed a surefire way to price my future projects. She’s probably saved my business and I can’t thank her enough.” 

Jenny Lucas, Copywriter and Content Strategist

“As a result I have an amazing high ticket offer that is tailored to the requirements of my ideal customer.

“I first connected with Janine after she very generously offered me some support when I was first starting out in my business three years ago. I have always known she was blooming amazing at marketing as well as having the most wicked sense of humour. Last month I had the benefit of tapping into her knowledge, intellect and creativity for a few sessions and hey presto, she made sense of the jumble of ideas I had about what I want to offer my clients. As a result I have an amazing high ticket offer that is tailored to the requirements of my ideal customer which also makes use of my superpowers! Be prepared for honesty, straight talking and homework too (!) but once Janine has conjured up her marketing magic, you’ll be left feeling far more confident and decisive in your business. It’s a 5* recommendation from me.” Ella Orr, Social Media Coach and Strategist.

“I already have two fantastic new clients without actively selling anything yet.”

“I already have two fantastic new clients without actively selling anything yet. This is because Janine’s also helped me to pinpoint my new dream client and craft marketing messages that hit their problems right on the nose.

I’m now doing work that I’m genuinely passionate about, and it shows in everything I do. I’ll always be grateful that I crossed paths with Janine and would recommend her without hesitation to any small business owner who has a wonderful idea that they’re struggling to bring to life. Thank you for all your help and support, Janine!”

Caroline Brown, Business Mentor

“I knew that Janine knew her marketing onions…”

“Oh I love Janine! I was doing some reflecting, looking at my offer and taking a moment to pause and consider if it was as tight and concise and I would like. I knew that Janine knew her marketing onions, she obviously has a lot of experience and I needed a professional in my corner. [She] took me through a process to really nail my offer and my ideal clients. She asked insightful questions, offered her expertise and experience and created 3 differing customer avatars and a messaging tripod that I could use as a springboard to start testing and getting clearer on my value to my clients. It was a super valuable experience, not only to get Janine’s advice on my offer, but also to leave with a plan of action. Thank you Janine!”

Debbie Clarke aka Debbiedoodah, Marketing Mindest Coach and
Co-host of the Group Co Lab Membership