Have you been following the advice of various content gurus for a year or more but still don’t feel like you’re in control of your promotional activity? It’s time to take charge.

Sometimes it’s hard to see how your efforts are translating into sales, let alone how to build on that for success.

Let’s create a clear actionable plan that turns your promotional activities into sales.


Group Programme

My Promote your Business group programme takes you through the process of how to set a short term objective and how to put a proper marketing campaign together. Reaching the right customers on the right channels.
I personally run through the weekly tutorials and you’ll get added support and accountability in a private Facebook group. If you want to construct your plans with expert feedback at every stage, but are prepared to the bulk of the work yourself, then this could be the answer for you.


DIY Programme

My Promote your Business DIY programme is for people who are crystal clear on their mission and objectives. They just need a structure to follow to guide them through the short-term marketing planning process.
This course is still under construction, but if you’re eager to be one of the pioneering gang, click through to get on the waiting list.



My Marketing Mentorship programme is for people who are fed up of not meeting their potential and want to invest in sorting their marketing out now. We kick off with a mission and strategy check and get all those big ambitions plotted out.

Next we’ll cover off any quick wins. Then together we’ll create a focused plan that will nail your objectives for the next 3 months. The method you will learn to reach your goals can be used again and again. Tailored to whatever challenge you decide to tackle next.

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