Done With You marketing: the Full Shebang

Are you in the first couple of years of trading and wondering why the marketing side of things is such a slog?

Watch this space: I am crafting a wonderfully juicy one-to-one programme that will turn your burgeoning business from start up to super star.

I will audit your whole business to ratify your high level strategy and brand are aligned and consistent. I will review all current marketing efforts for efficacy and have a board-style meeting to discuss my findings.

And then… to work.

Together, we will plot out your next four quarters. Zoning in on one objective per 12 week period. Then I will share with you my campaign planning process. Many of the elements will be familiar but I will make sure you nail every one, get each one implemented and make sure you are hitting your targets through consistency of effort and tracking of success.

Whether you’re running a service or product based business, I’ll take you through the set up of proper marketing processes. Get the foundations right. Make sure your messages are resounding loud and clear in the ears of your target customers.

Book a discovery call with me and you will have the chance to getting on my reduce rate, outrageous value Beta run throughs. Yes, I will take you through a process, but the result will be utterly bespoke.

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