Everything you need to know about the Your Sizzling Hot Offer group programme.

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You’re a researcher, I get it. Before even contemplating buying something you want to know all the facts.

Or, perhaps you’re just curious about my tantalisingly named new group programme! 

Either way, here’s everything you need to know about my group programme in a skimmable format. Enjoy!

What exactly is Your Sizzling Hot Offer?

This is my group programme, starting on the 15th September 2021. The aim is for every participant to have an offer that is a must-have in the eyes of their ideal clients. Participants will also be so proud of it that it’ll make selling it easier than ever- when you believe in the value you offer in every fibre of your being, you tend to want to talk about it more. Funny that.

Why’s it called ‘Your Sizzling Hot Offer’

I’d love to say that it was a well-thought out and strategic decision, but offer naming rarely works like that. I was writing a LinkedIn post about the fact that I was planning to launch a group programme and I wrote the phrase Your Sizzling Hot Offer because that’s what each and every participant will have in their grubby mitts by the end of it.

It’ll be sizzling hot for many reasons;

  • Because we’ll make sure it’s what your audience actually wants so they’ll want to buy it NOW not ‘sometime next year’.
  • Because you’ll know deep in your bones that it’s right for you and that you’re going to enjoy delivering it.
  • Because you’ll feel so confident in it that you’ll be able to sell it with more verve than anything you’ve sold before.

Who’s the Your Sizzling Hot Offer group programme for?

This group programme is for a very specific set of people (as all must-have offers should be). Here’s a run down of who I’m letting onto this programme:

You must:

  • Have been in business for at least two years. I’ve relaxed this criteria in the past only to be reassured that 2 years plus is correct for the material I’m going to be taking you through. I have had lots of clients who’ve been running much longer than that- that’s not an issue. Getting your head around creating compelling offers is a science you don’t necessarily master without help. (And even experts need help!) But there are some learning curves you can’t rush. 
  • Know your way around social media and to have a preferred platform(s). I won’t be teaching any social media engagement tactics in this programme. That’s part of the reason I want participants to have got a good year or five under their belt. It takes about that long to find your voice, your preferred topics etc.
  • You know you’re the mutt’s nuts: The 2 year mark also means that you’ve probably gone through that trial and error phase of who you like to work with and who you can help most with your work. I need confident people who KNOW they’re the mutts nuts.
  • Be a service-based business. The theory is similar to product-based businesses, but it’ll be easier if everyone is in the same shaped boat on this programme.
  • Feel like a business-owner not a freelancer. This is partly practical and partly mindset related. The practical aspect is that this course isn’t designed to teach you the first steps away from charging purely by the hour, by the day or by the session. If you want that, click here for my Package Up Your Services DIY course instead. On the mindset side of things, this programme will feel like this is quite a big step for people who still see themselves as freelancers. I want everyone to be on a similar footing so all participants will get the most out of the experience of us working together.
  • Have sufficient money to pay for the course! Often it can be motivating to have to stretch to pay for something, but I don’t want to anyone to put their home at risk. There’s motivated and there’s scared witless. I would prefer the former. 😄

In my mind, the type of people I want on this group programme have been dabbling with packaging up their services; perhaps they have a power hour option and a ‘bundle of sessions’ option. But they’re still feeling awkward about how to position it as a must-have and these efforts aren’t yet bringing in recurring income.

Who isn’t the Your Sizzling Hot Offer group programme for? 

Obviously you could just reverse the list above but I do have some refinements for who I’d discourage from being on this programme:

  • You’re not ambitious
  • You’re lacking confidence in what you do and/ or have major mindset blocks (we all have self doubt from time to time, but I’m talking about frozen-in-the-headlights paralysis)
  • You think money is the root of all evil
  • You’ve already got a suite of really nicely positioned offers that sell easily
  • You’re not happy showing your face or true voice on social media

Finally f you’re not a lovely, supportive person I’ll have to pass.  Don’t try and fake the application- I’m checking each applicant’s online feed! 👀

How could it help me? 

The main thing you’ll get out of the Your Sizzling Hot Offer group programme is a high-ticket (£1-10k) service package that appeals to the type of clients you love working with. 

Side benefits include:

  • Sales becoming easier due to your messaging being sharper, your offer being more attractive and you being more passionate about your new service-package than you’ve ever been about one before. People will have to tell you to shut up about it. 
  • Increased confidence in your abilities as a service provider who truly wants to help people. 
  • Increased revenue. If not from increased sales then from the higher prices you’re likely to be charging at the end of the programme.
  • Clarity on your ideal customer FOR THIS OFFER. People so often mix up their overall ICA with who they want to buy each specific offers. Yes, this usually means slightly different ideal clients for each offer.
  • A repeatable process you’ll be able to use with your future offers. Only if you want to go it alone mind you. Alumni get a discount on the next round. #NiceToKnow

And if you’re really lucky, you may also emerge from the 3 months with a brandable, trademarkable and sellable process. You know, the types people write books about and get asked to speak about. It’s easier for me to spot these opportunities because I’m objective. And totally amazing at what I do.

I mean, should I go on..? 😇

Or shall I just put the sales page link here >>> Your Sizzling Hot Offer group programme.

Why did you create it? 

Funny you should ask; I created a video about this very thing!

Don’t like videos? This is what I say:

Why have I created the Your Sizzling Hot Offer group programme:

Short and boring answer:

✅ It’s what I did in corporate

✅ It’s what I’ve been doing with my one to one clients for the last few years.

Longer and juicier answer:

It’s what I was missing when I first set up my business. #FacePalm

My first priority was to learn how to use social media and content marketing to establish myself as the go-to-expert and to raise my visibility. But what I was missing were any clear, attractive offers that positioned me as a must-have and not just a nice-to-have ‘maybe next year’ type of thing.

I’ve been on loads of programmes. I have taken plenty of courses. And while I have learned a lot from each and every one of them, a key point was always missing for me. And that was making sure that what I had to sell was an obvious must-have.

That is what Your Sizzling Hot Offer is all about!

What exactly will you cover on the Your Sizzling Hot Offer programme?

Here’s what we’ll be working through:


  • We’ll review your business goals so we know that we’ll be creating an offer you’ll love to deliver and that your dream clients will be clamouring for.
  • Let’s check that your current pricing structure is in line with how you want to run your business, long-term. And, if it’s not, we’ll fix it!
  • Now it’s time to pick a customer type and together we’ll dig out their one problem they’re desperate to get solved. This is the inspiration for your new offer!


  • I fully support you as you dive into your ideal client’s deepest desires.
  • Then we’ll extract the core pillars or ‘Promise’ that will create the foundations of your new offer using my Messaging Tripod technique. (This means actual phrases you can use on sales pages, websites and on social media to attract the exact right people.)
  • At this point, you’ll be surprised that a whole world of content inspiration will open up to you! I’ll guide you as to how to capitalise on this to warm your audience up for launch, even before we’ve decided what you’re launching yet.


  • Together we’ll map out your current processes so you can clearly illustrate the journey you’ll be taking your clients on.
  • Then we’ll work out their deal breakers, and include them in your Package.
  • Finally a quick check of what kind of offer would work best for you and your clients so you’re both happy!


  • How do you put a value on the intangible? I’ll teach you how.
  • You’ll get access to my snazzy (but low tech) pricing calculator so you’ll know exactly how many sales you’ll need to make to hit your goal revenue.
  • I’ll also be keeping my eyes peeled for any pesky mindset monkeys!
  • Establish a working title for your package because let’s face it, naming things on your own is really tricky

How does it actually work?

121 laser session with me

We’ll kick off with a one-to-one laser session with me. This is 45 minutes for us to zone in on the work you love doing the most and how you want your life to be.

Weekly group calls

We’ll meet on Zoom once a week. These will be a mix of teaching and feedback so you can implement what you have learned and get feedback during the course. These sessions are 1 hour.

Maximum 8 participants

I want to keep this round compact and bijou. Why? Find out below!

This is a BETA group programme

I am 100% confident in the techniques and training content that I will be taking you through, having tested them and honed them throughout my career and my years of experience working one-to-one with service based business owners like you. Therefore, since this is the first time that I’ve run this in a group format, you’ll be getting never-to-be repeated levels of support from me during these 3 months. What does that mean? It means that I’m capping the participants at 8 people for this round only and I’ll be on the lookout for any extra resources I think would help you as a participant in this inaugural round. It’s also the cheapest that it’ll ever be. I’ll be putting the price up for the next round, so get in there now!

How much is it?

One payment of £995 or 3 monthly payments of £350. 

The bit where I ask you what’s going to happen if you wait

Seriously, I don’t want you to say ‘ooh, it’s not the right time’ and then hear that you’ve blown your wad on some spurious social media training wotsit.

Social media is wonderful! Content marketing is a modern day miracle! Sales is essential!

But they’ll only bring in the moolah if what you’ve got to sell is attractive.

And if you want to enjoy running your business, better make sure that you’re attracting nice, high paying clients while you’re at it.

Apply now >>> Apply to be one of the 8 lucky people on the inaugural Your Sizzling Hot Offer group programme.

Be wooed further by my snazzy sales page >>> Your Sizzling Hot Offer