Audience building

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are told all the time that building an audience is a MUST.

But is it worth the effort?

In today’s episode of the Secret Marketing Show I’ve got an example of a podcast launch that was plain sailing due to the size and warmth of the current audience.

Sue Hay set up Thrive Magazine in 2013 and soon realised that her background in branding was invaluable.

She started helping other entrepreneurs in the health and wellbeing industry to get their businesses flourishing.

In this episode of the #SecretMarketingShow, I delve into Sue’s simple marketing campaign to launch the Ethical Entrepreneur’s podcast.


🎯To launch the podcast and get into the New and Noteworthy category of iTunes.

🎯To bring in additional revenue to the business.

Target audiences:

✅ Entrepreneurs in the wellness space.

✅ People interested in their own health. Marketing communication channels:

🔴 Email (9.5k subscribers)

🔴 Facebook (2.6K followers)

🔴 Instagram (16.5k followers)

🔴 Twitter (9.5k followers)

Points to note:

🔶 Building an engaged audience takes time and effort. You won’t necessarily get sales by focusing purely on this type of activity.

🔶 Sue surveyed her audience last year to ask if they would listen to a Thrive Magazine podcast.

Guess what the answer was?

Check out her podcast here:

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