Want to see what focus looks like?

Here’s a small business with great results from:

👉 What they do best

👉 What they enjoy

I present to you; @Martin Huntbach and @Lyndsay Cambridge of Jammy Digital in my first episode of #TheSecretMarketingShow*.

(Trumpets parp)

Campaign objective:

To get 50 people into their paid membership.

The membership is like Netflix for building and/ or maintaining your own website with added support.

They reopened the doors on the 23rd January following a 2 week ‘soft launch’ in October 2018.

Notable mentions:

🔶They’re very clear on their strategy. They know what they’re selling to who and why.

🔶 They have a thorough knowledge of what their target audience need.

🔶 They have superb branding and consistency.

Marketing communications used:

🔷 Emails to subscriber list

🔷 Webinar (with planning day offer)

🔷 Facebook and their Facebook group Landing page


Facebook is where they shine.

The jewel in the crown is the weekly free website critiques. 34 out of the current 35 business owners in their membership site has had a website critique with them!

The moral of the story?

Find out what’s working and do more of it.


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