Picking your target audience.

Granny character looking disgusted at the price of lemonade

When thinking about the target audience for your small business, your ears will ring with calls of ‘you must niche down for your marketing to be effective!’

And it’s true.

The more specific you can be about what you’re offering to who, the more you will be able to cut through the noise.

But it’s easier said than done!

As my hapless lemonade sales person finds out in this week’s Secret Marketing Show.


The examples I use in the video relate to your high level target audience. 

As always, I’d urge you to get more granular when thinking about putting together a marketing campaign.

Audience building vs a campaign-level audience

Generally speaking; audience building is a long-term, slow burn activity.

A campaign is short and sharp and should be promoting something specific

Naturally your campaign level target audience should be well defined and specific too.

Using the example of my friend the learning and development freelancer (as mentioned in the video), her high level audience are medium sized law firms in the South East of England.

Let’s assume she’d done some research and worked out that a certain size of law firm need an average two training modules to be designed and delivered every month.

If she ran a campaign to promote this package, you can immediately imagine the kinds of questions she should be asking herself.

– Precisely what size of businesses should she target?
– Do they have any in-house HR resource?
– How far would she be willing to travel to deliver the training?

She might even be able to start drawing up a short list of potential clients.