Setting objectives for your Small business marketing campaign.

Woman looking fearful about planning. How do you feel about planning?

Why set marketing objectives?

If you think I’m talking about how many blogs to write or what reach you want on your latest LinkedIn post, think again my friend…

Marketing objectives are similar to business objectives, and they’re essential for setting your small business moving in the right direction.

The difference levels of marketing objectives

At the highest level you have your mission or vision of where you want your business to be in 5-10 years time and beyond. This is high level, not detailed e.g. ‘I want to have the freedom to work around my kids’ school hours and holidays but earn a corporate-level wage’ or ‘I want to be synonymous with online Pilates.’

Anything medium-term that would take about a year or more to get up and running and benefiting your business, I would classify as a strategic goal e.g. double my profits, or write a book to establish myself as an expert, or launch a new range of jewellery.

Marketing campaign objectives come in at the tactical level and are the most specific type of objective e.g. to sell X number of Y service by Z date (usually within a 3 month period.)​​

How many objectives/ campaigns should I set?

If you’re a one-man-band and are running your small business with little or no 3rd party support, I strongly suggest you focus on ONE campaign objective at a time.

Why make it hard on yourself?

You’re probably already busy with client work, invoicing, chasing payment, building an audience, perhaps managing third parties.

Can you really do justice to more than one specific objective at a time?

In next week’s Secret Marketing Show I’ll be covering how to define and reach your target audience- at a campaign level.