Promote Your Business action plan

Small business owner with a fabulous product or service?

Are you a small business owner with a fabulous product or service that people love? You know you’re onto something because everyone keeps patting you on the back, and telling you so. So why aren’t customers battering your door down.

You know you should be promoting yourself more but where do you start?

Content marketing is overwhelming; podcasts, blogs and video, let alone all the social media platforms. Or perhaps you should try advertising in the local press or paying for Facebook ads; possibly money down the drain. You’re willing to try new things but not if it means sucking up your precious time and money.

Sometimes it can feel like all you do is promote yourself but your efforts are not paying off.

What if I could take away all the clutter and noise and allow you focus on the six simple steps to promote your business in the most effective way possible. I will be sharing my unique way of identifying the options open to you and deciding which is best for you.

Join my Promote Your Business action plan programme and, I’ll take you through;

  1. Your single-minded objective
  2. Your chosen customer group
  3. Your offer
  4. Your message
  5. Choosing how to promote your business
  6. How to plan for success

I will cover all these subjects over the course of 6 weeks. By the end of this period you will already have started implementing your new focused marketing plan.

Email me at for more details.