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Have sales of your high-touch coaching services dried up recently? Or have you felt that you’ve never really ‘cracked it’ with selling your coaching-shaped services?  

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Janine Coombes stands with her back 3/4 to the camera. She looks over her shoulder smiling. She's a white middle aged woman with shoulder length mid blonde hair. She wears a pink and purple cardigan, dark blue jeans and white trainers. On her back is a bright orange and white jetpack with blue flames coming out of the metallic nozzles at the bottom.

Hellooo, I'm Janine

I help coach-shaped-people earn more from their high-touch services without slogging their guts out. My fave thing to dig into is offer positioning, messaging and pricing- then crack on with the sales and marketing. Yes, you can have a business you love that earns you the money you want with 1:1 work!

I have a business degree, a post graduate diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a 20+ year career including working for big brands like EE, Orange and Europcar. I’ve appeared on the stages of Atomicon, You Are The Media and MarketEd.Live. As well as countless podcasts and summits.

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