The Cult of the Answer Seekers.

Janine dressed in a purple hippy outfit

Have you joined the Cult of the Answer Seekers?

I had a call with a switched-on woman the other day. It was a bit too early in her journey to work with me so I gave her an overview of what she should be focusing on.

She said ‘Oh, so there isn’t a magic secret then?’


Marketing has become muddied with the bewildering range of options to get word out about what you do. It’s understandable that small business owners think that marketing is some sort of unfathomable art.

That there’s a mysterious ‘answer’ to everything that they’re missing out on.

And, let’s face it, there are so many people selling formulas for success that it’s understandable that people think that the answer is still ‘out there’!

When I set up my business to help small business owners with marketing, I was in a hurry to get caught up on social media and content marketing. The more I read and watched, the more I doubted my own ability to help people.

“People aren’t interested in traditional marketing, they need to know how social media works, and that’s not what my experience is in!” I told myself.

Seeking the answer in other people’s content

I started consuming hours and hours of other people’s content on the subject of social media and content marketing.

I remember avidly taking notes while watching an Amy Porterfield webinar on how to sell using webinars. (You can’t make this stuff up!) I hadn’t even got anything to sell yet.

I was like a toddler mirroring all the ‘adults’.

I put my favourite influencers on a pedestal and compared myself to them. I always came up short.

One day I suddenly remembered that I’m a bloody marketing expert! I have more marketing qualifications and industry experience than most of these influencers who I had been idolising.

I went to the other extreme. I was like an ungrateful teenager sneering at everything they did and said. “Whatever! You don’t know ANYTHING. I hate you!”. I was like Harry Enfield’s Kevin.

I revelled in it for a while. But in time I remembered how much I learned from them. And I could see the value in what they were saying.

But with one key piece of insight.

They assume their customers have their strategy straight

People selling social media and content marketing services assume that their audience already have a clear strategy in place.

They have to! They’re not selling strategic planning services or even suggesting that they can cover off the whole of the marketing picture. That’s not what they’re expert at.

If I’d have bought Amy Porterfield’s Webinars that Sell course at £1k, would it have been her fault that it was a poor purchase decision on my part?

Business values

My business values are rooted in my experience trying to sort out my own marketing strategy. I vet every single person I work with to make sure that I am only selling to people who are ready for my services.

As my business grows I hope to keep this ethos even if I go on to create large group programmes.

My lawyer won’t let me offer a ‘no-shiny object guarantee’ but, in my mind, that’s what I’m aiming for.

Marketing is so much simpler than the internet would have you believe.

Marketing is a machine

I like to think of marketing as a machine. Most people have some, if not all, of the essential components, but they’re still not getting the results they want for the hours upon hours of effort they’re putting in.

If you feel like you’re doing all the right things but still not getting the traction you want in your business, book a call with me to see if the we’d work well together.