Where do you use your logo?

I’m sure you’ve got a fabulous logo. It encapsulates your brand, your company’s goals and your favourite colours. Perhaps you invested in a talented designer, perhaps you spent hours in Canva trying out different shades and fonts. Either way, you love your logo and you can use it everywhere. Or can you?

Scenario: Your business is going great guns and you just got a chance to be profiled in a national newspaper! Go you! Then you receive an email;

“Please send us a headshot and a longline, black and white version of your logo by close of play today. Best regards, Editor Person”

Ah. All you have is a full colour version of your logo. And it’s box shaped.

So she needs this;

Long black logo on white

But all you have is this;

Square Faktuals logo on white

At best, the paper would be able to accommodate you and use this logo and just greyscale it. At worst they might refuse to use it at all.


You try and call your designer but they’re up mount Kilimanjaro and don’t have network coverage. You spend hours trying to bodge the design yourself. It looks a bit crap but you think to yourself ‘it’ll have to do’.

So it ends up looking like this;

square logo in newsprint

Instead of this;

longline in newsprint

Not the end of the world, you say. Ok, I can understand how the top one won’t look too horrific to the untrained eye (lets hope those eyes have 20:20 vision because your company name is now so small). Here’s another example. Which looks more professional out of these three?

Or how about these?

I hope you’ll agree that the final one looks the best in both examples. It’s a white-out transparent logo. It would take you or your designer less than a minute to produce a white out version of your logo, so the incremental cost would be tiny, if briefed in at the same time as a logo design/ redesign.

Here’s a selection of logo formats I suggest you consider;

  • Full colour stacked logo, transparent background
  • White stacked logo transparent background (for use on dark backgrounds or photos)
  • Black stacked logo, transparent background (for use on light backgrounds or photos)
  • Long line, full colour logo, transparent background
  • Long line, white logo, transparent background
  • Long line, black logo, transparent background

Long logo in white- croppedWhite long logo without strapLong black logo on white

  • Long line, full colour logo, transparent background- with strapline
  • Long line, white logo, transparent background- with strapline
  • Long line, black logo, transparent background- with strapline

long logo with strapline in white- croppedWhite long logo with strapLong black logo with strapline on white


I am not a designer! I am using some of the terms I have previously used when discussing logo design with designers, but descriptions vary from industry to industry, designer to designer.

P.S. I knocked up these logos in Canva. The full colour square one took me about 5 minutes. Not bad eh! If you haven’t experienced the joys of Canva, then I heartily suggest you give it a go. Their free version is excellent and, generally speaking, easy to use.


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