6 Reasons NOT to apply for my Virtual Head of Marketing Programme

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You’d be crazy not to apply for my Virtual Head of Marketing 6 month programme.

We work together to professionalise your marketing so you get better results for less effort!

BUT there are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t.

1. Working with me will use up all of your marketing budget

So you have a budget and you keep an eye on your spending. That’s fantastic!

But the point of budgeting is not to limit your earning potential.

You can spend that money or you can invest it.

You can carry on making all of your decisions on your own.

It got you this far!

You’re probably very busy. Possibly too busy?

And you’re drifting away from that utopian work-life balance that you dreamt of when you first set up your business.

Spending money on marketing channels that might or might not create long term business growth.

Secretly worrying that there could be a better way.

Spoiler alert: there’s always a better way, but it’s very difficult to see it when you’re working on your tod, nose to the grindstone every day.

Or work with me and I’ll show you how to use your precious resources more effectively.

Not just your money, but your time and energy too.

As an experienced marketing professional I am motivated to help you achieve greater profits.

We’re not going to fiddle about trying to get more leads, I’ll make sure that you have:

  • A rock solid marketing strategy and clear short and long term plans.
  • Efficient marketing processes that bring you better results for less effort.
  • Offers that make sense to your clients and are enjoyable for you to deliver.

Adding more poor quality clients to your plate won’t get you anywhere. What we aim to do together is to bake success in to everything you do.

Ponder on this: In 6 months time, do you want to have the same budget minus 6 months of marketing spend? Or do you want more budget to invest because of how much more profitable you are?

2. You want someone to do the marketing for you

You’re long on money but short on time so outsourcing your marketing tasks is the solution.

Woah there, Nelly!

Are you sure that the marketing activities you want to outsource are the right ones?

Are they currently being executed in the best way possible?

Do they have the right message appealing to the right audience with the right offer?

(Did I mention that proposition development was a core part of my corporate role at EE?)

An outsourcer will not challenge you on the big decisions.

They won’t ask ‘why are you doing this activity? Is there a better way to achieve your objectives?’

They’ll do what they’re told.

So you’d better be sure you’re brief is pin sharp and that you’re prepared to keep them accountable and on track according to your vision.

Or work with me before you start outsourcing any of your marketing…

3. You want me to tell you what to do

I say jump and you say how high. Does that sound appealing? Didn’t think so.

Whether you set up your business because you liked the idea of being your own boss or not, that is what you’ve signed up for.

I can help you own it.

When you have a clear plan with a simple way to track progress, deciding how to implement it all is a doddle.

It becomes obvious which activities will lead to great results and which will end in time-wasty disasters.

Guidance; yes. Advice; sometimes. Telling you what to do; nope.

It doesn’t work for my clients long-term, so me no likey.

4. You’re just starting out

I would love to help you! But I’m not the right fit for you at the moment.

My blend of formal marketing training, working in big complex organisations and figuring out how to package my own services is better suited to people who are already running a reasonably successful business.

I specialise in helping business owners to sell several services at once without going mad.

To refine their strategy and make their marketing work better with greater profits.

For that to work, you need to have your basic business foundations in place already.

5. You don’t have the time

Brace yourself, this might sound harsh…

If you’re still using this excuse for not making improvements to the way you’re running your business, then I don’t want to work with you.

If you can’t see that reserving a few hours a month to iron out your marketing strategy will allow your business to improve and grow, then I can’t help you. No one can.

Time is a resource. It makes sense to invest a little of it in improving how your run your business. Capeesh?

6. You have no ideas of your own so you want to squeeze my brain like a sponge

I have ideas. Thousands of them! But then again so does Google.

My approach is 50% coaching and 50% consulting.

If I think you know the right answers already I will endeavour to draw them out of you and buff them to a shine so shiny that you’ll be able to see your clever face in them.

If you need me to draw on my years of experience and marketing education to advise you on which way to go with a sticky decision, then of course I’d be delighted to do that.

But I don’t issue prescriptive advice.

If you want someone to say ‘this worked for me so you do it and it’ll work for you’ that’s fine, there are people who do that.

But that’s not strategy. It’s copying. And it doesn’t work because it’s not built around you, your business and your customers.

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So there you have it! If you’ve been thinking about working with me, press that button and book a call.

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