The Freedom Giver.

The group programme for coaches, consultants and marketing strategists to 2 x your income from your one-to-one services without slogging your guts out.

Set yourself freeee!

So, you’ve got your own business. Tick!

You’ve got over the rocky ‘argh what am I doing?!’ phase. Tick!

(Although you secretly still feel like that now and again. Tick!)

You’re living the dream. Only working the hours you want. 100% of your client work is dreamy and wonderful and you’re earning plenty. 

Tick? No, not tick. 

Not tick at all because you’re still not seeing the full benefits of being your own boss. 

Your revenue is all updy downdy, a fair wodge of your client work is less-than-ideal and you feel like you’re working as hard as you can (or want to) already.

So how do you grow your business from here??

You can’t help thinking:

Shouldn’t it be easier by now?!!

The three common problems

These are the problems I see time and time again and, spookily enough, they’re the exact things that I resolve on The Freedom Giver programme!

Work is client driven

Let me guess, sometimes people come to you ask if you can do something and you end up doing it because ‘it’s all money’ and you can technically do the work. 

Ergo, your clients are driving your business. Bummer.

You're working too hard

You’re already working as hard as you want to. You don’t want to work HARDER for more money. 

You feel like you’ve reached an income ceiling, way too soon. 

Squeaky Bum Months

Sometimes you’re hella busy! No time for marketing. Which is fine until your work dries up and you have a few months of scrabbling around desperately trying to squeeze 9 months of know, like, trust into 5 days. 

blue dots

All that guff about working for yourself and setting your own rules seems like a cruel lie.

Imagine springing out of bed every workday eager knowing that:

Plus you know how to sell in a way that feels natural to you and your ideal clients. 

It’s time to mould your services into freedom giving assets.


The Freedom Giver

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What is it?

It’s a 6 month group programme that takes you from feeling restricted by your services, to allowing them to set you FREEEE!

If you’ve already got packaged-up services, we’ll look at how they’re positioned so they’re working in the best way possible for you, your clients and your bank balance.

If you haven’t got any services that are working for you yet, we’ll craft your first signature service designed to bring you and your lucky customers the best results possible.

What we'll cover

This programme allows you to go at your own pace, but you can expect to have tested the water, got some leads and even sales within the first 6 weeks if you put aside a few hours a week.

Your Super Non-Niche

Months 1-2

We kick off by getting clear on the ONE thing that will free up most of your time while bringing you the most reward. This includes helping your favourite clients the most too!

Sizzling Hot Offer Ideation and Validation

Months 3-4

Creating a sales page allows us to get all of our messaging down on the page and check for gaps and confusion. We then get clear on what your ideal sales-plan would look like.

Zero Squeaky Bum Months

Months 5-6

Filling out your marketing and sales activity with three levels of 

How it works:

A success pathway

Mapped out learning materials and milestones so you can go at your own pace and be sure you’re on the right track.

Weekly group calls 

60-90 mins every single week to tackle any speed bumps you encounter.

Unlimited 121 calls

Yes, you read that right! An escalation process applies, but you will have access to me 121 whenever you need it.


The programme of work that I’ll be taking you through is my tried and tested process that I use with my 121 clients

All group calls will be recorded so you can catch up if you missed any

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This is for you if...

This is NOT for you if..

There are thousands of people who could help you launch an offer. But most don’t give two hoots about whether you’re going to actually enjoy delivering the bugger.
To me, this is an absolute dealbreaker.
Let’s turn your business into a FREEDOM GIVER not a liberty extractor.
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The Investment

The investment for uncorking your income, resolving those squeaky bum months and feeling fully back in the drivers seat in your business is £2,970 for this 6 month programme.

I ask people to commit to an up front payment of £1,485 (to cover the first three months) and then if you love it, stay for £495 per month for the next three months.